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My Review: Merger to Marriage by Addison Fox

Merger to Marriage (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #2)                        

From Goodreads:

One night of passion…

Mayson McBride has spent the last decade restoring her family’s magazine empire with her two sisters. She loves what she does, but she can’t shake the feeling something’s missing. Which is why she jumps at the chance–incognito–for a single night of no-strings-attached sex with Holt Turner.

A once in a lifetime connection…

Holt’s been unable to forget the woman he shared one night of explosive passion, and he’s thrilled to get reacquainted with her at a weekend house party. What he doesn’t expect are the immediate feelings of need and desire–emotions he keeps firmly in check–upon their reunion.

A forever commitment…

When Mayson and Holt’s single night together leads to unexpected consequences, both must decide what matters most. Especially when a threat from Holt’s past promises to ruin their relationship before it’s barely begun.

                                    My Review:

    This was another book provided by netgalley and my last ARC for the month of May. Here's what I think about the book.

   This is the story of  Mayson Mcbride  one of the brilliant Mcbride sisters  who restored and save the almost shaky  Mcbride magazine empire. The three sisters worked really hard for it. And for Mayson this means ALL WORK , NO PLAY.

"She'd known it for months, as she and her sisters worked tirelessly to make something of their lives and their legacy. They all had gifts - Keira for management, Camryn for finance,and her with her eye for design --and they were going to bring McBride Media back from the brick of disaster.."

       So, during  her sister Keira's wedding.. she took it as a breather and gave herself a chance to loosen up. It was also that night that she literally bumped into the sexy Holt. Maybe, it was the intoxicating effect of a good wine, their flowing conversation plus Holt's irresistible sexy thing led to another... next thing they knew .. they were kissing ... and Bam! sexual awareness sparked between them like live wire!  It was supposed to be a one night stand. Yeah. Right. But then...

       Mayson tried to shook off that steamy night with Holt out of her head,but she failed. She can't  forget Holt... and his kisses.. and his touch. Same thing  happened to Holt. Even in the middle of his busy career oriented life , flashes of that hot night distracted him!  He wants to see Elizabeth again. (Yes, Mayson told him she is Elizabeth! )  Oh. the confusion!  So, okaaaaaaaaaaay.. it got me a little interested, and I'm a little excited to find out how these two ..uhmmmm horny  executives  find each other again. Ooops! 

   So they meet again! It should be one exciting  reunion! But then ..another Bam! Mayson found out that she is pregnant with Holt's baby! Oh. Yeah. Now he's the baby daddy! Well, how do you think Holt will receive this overwhelming news?  Of course he'll be shocked! Well, running away towards the nearest exit  is a possible solution. But something  bugged him. True that he has not known Mayson .. Hell! he even thought she is Elisabeth?! So how can you trust someone who can't even tell you her real name? But then there is this  strong desire to protect his baby  and Mayson.. from his evil mother. Yes, her mom is someone he is ..well, he considers a dark past he is not so proud of. He believes that her mother will use this situation against him. He cannot afford it to happen. So he offered Mayson a proposition  . .. a merger- marriage. Like  it's a business deal!  What an ass!  ( ooops again! ) I don't like Holt. Ugh.

   But then as the story progresses, the more I saw the other side  of the coin. What  I saw as a heartless Holt is a caring , loving person that is just  totally misunderstood. I saw how he cared so much not only for their baby but for Mayson too. And Mayson? the sweetest! She is adorable, caring , passionate and a no-nonsense kind of a person. And I love it how she can make Holt open up. They are perfect for  each other!

    Though  the story was  quite  simple and even predictable...Addison Fox  makes it better  with her  good choice  of words. She really knows how to put it at the right place and  at the right time. The only problem is, I can feel that there is still something missing? Like  more swoon worthy moments ? Or perhaps more drama? Or I'm looking forward for something more from Holt and Mayson?

     The ending was cut short. Like everything was resolved too fast.  Maybe it's just me, expecting much from this book. How I wish it  would be a mind blowing.. giddy fest kind of ending. Nevertheless, it was still a good and sweet story .

                                             My rating:

                                  3  happy merging  stars! 



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