Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Review: Nowhere by Marysue Hobika

From Goodreads:

A girl named Mike is transplanted against her will to the middle of Nowhere—a town so small that cow tipping is considered to be a fun pastime for teens on a Saturday night! Sure that life as she knows it is over, she meets a boy named Dooner who’s never lived anywhere else and can’t wait to get out of town on the football scholarship that’s going to be his ticket to a better life, away from his father. Sparks fly between them, but it’s not exactly love at first sight.

Will they find a way into each other’s heart despite the fact that they come from very different backgrounds? Will it change how they both feel about Nowhere?
And will Nowhere become the somewhere they’ve been searching for?

                      My Review:

    I'd like to thank the author, Marysue G. Hobika for giving me a copy in exchange for a honest review.

   It's a city girl meets country boy story. And it begins with Mikayla or Mike ( as she like to be called. ) together with her sister and Mom relocated to a small town after her Dad died. Of course , Mike, having to leave her friends and life in the city behind is super bummed. All throughout the trip she is bitching about how she deserved to be thrown to such a "Nowhere" town.
   She thinks its the end of the world .. until she met James or Dooner  . First meeting, she cannot believe her eyes!

“The hottest guy I’d ever seen hopped out and confidently strutted over to where we were all standing. My gaze moved upward from his dusty cowboy boots to his strikingly handsome face. I gasped, in pleasant surprise. I hadn't thought it possible for such a combination of good looks and perfect body to exist anywhere, let alone in Nowhere."
      And I forgot to mention , he got these gorgeous green eyes! Uhmm, my weakness! :p  Well, the feeling is mutual as Donner first laid his eyes on Mike... he saw the most striking, beautiful girl he had ever seen! Attraction? Definitely. There's something about Mikayla , the confidence, the no non sense attitude and she is way different from the girls he has known... he can't take his eyes and mind off her. It's insta-crush and insta-love rolled into one!

    And I love the little romantic escapades they shared, though a little cliche but it's swoony ...and I can feel the intensity of those moments as written by  Ms. Hobika. Not to mention that both James and Mike are very likable characters in their own ways. 

   Then as  they spend time together, they realized and quite surprised that they are more  comfortable with each other.. That there is an instant connection.  But Both of them have baggages to carry. Mike begun to talk about her Dad. But Dooner seems to be tense and tight lipped about his father. Mike begun to wonder if there's something  deep down James that he is not telling . 

      As the story goes on,  both their walls are pulled down.  They have ups and downs but did not take a while  before they resolve it. I'm waiting for  like a big conflict or some revelation that will somewhat be a major turning point in the story... but unfortunately there isn't. I think there should be more...

    Overall, it's still a good story about finding true  love in an unexpected place that you consider "Nowhere" ...and  finally calling it your home just like Mikayla felt.

                                                                                 My Verdict?

                                             3 home-mie stars!


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