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My Review: Tall, Tatted and Tempting by Tammy Falkner

Tall, Tatted and Tempting (The Reed Brothers, #1)                                
From Goodreads:
She’s locked up tight. But he might be the key.

Logan Reed is tall, tatted and tempting.
Kit’s a woman with a mean right hook and a secret.

Kit wants a tattoo, but Logan sees more than she intends to share in the drawing of the tat she wants. He sees her in ways no one ever has.

Logan’s not disabled; but he hasn’t spoken in eight years. He hasn’t needed to.
Until he meets Kit.

Logan doesn’t know everything about Kit. Kit doesn’t know anything about herself,
until she has to sacrifice all she ever wanted to save what’s most important to him.

This book is not meant for individuals under the age of 18 due to adult language, adult sexuality and adult situations.

                            My Thoughts:

     This  got to be one of the books I really enjoyed from first page up to the last.  I never got distracted , EVER! ( except when I am too tired and fell asleep without knowing it! haha. ) It was hard to put it end up ON my face as I went soundly to dreamland! And my oh my, Logan Reed definitely gave me the sweetest dream! Boy! I don't wanna wake up! But then, I had to! Ugh, reality sucks!
    Let me tell you about Logan Reed. The book title, Tall, Tatted and Tempting... is Logan Reed himself. Super hot  ( hot bod) : Check.  Sexy as hell ( the tattoos?! the body piercings?! Do I need to explain?!): Double check. Tempting *me thinks hard* the only and last slice of yummy, mouth watering  chocolate cake on my plate?!  : Check. check. check! Sounds like my kind of book boyfriend? Mmmmmm... well.. there's a catch : He doesn't speak ..errr, I'm not talking about the silent type?! He had never spoken  a single word for 8 years?! ...and he is deaf!  Now , that's a challenge.And if think that's a challenge for him to pick up girls? Think again. Apparently , girls dig this... or dig him as they come flocking  like moth to a flame??!  Now, I feel like a moth! Tee-hee!

    Now enter his greatest challenge: When this beautiful girl  with no name entered his tattoo shop. Logan was clearly more than smitten! And I'm blushing as I  say this, but he kept on adjusting his ...uhm, male parts ?! * covers eyes but peeps*  I'd say he was more than attracted! More like, "lust-infested"?!  Oww?!, must be a guy-thing?! Haha!  So, when he bust his sexy moves on her...hoping for a hook up , he got a taste of  her right hook.. and broke his nose ?! What?! Whoa!! Now, that's quite a kick ass move.... Emily a.k.a Kit! Yup, that's her name. That move clearly knock off Logan's senses ?!   I was grinning as I imagine this! Emily clearly got his attention ! But  he never got her name? Only a piece of crumpled paper with an intricate tattoo design?

    That single tattoo design... Kit's design stirred something inside  Logan. And it's strange that he felt somewhat connected to her. So, he decided to wear that on his skin...the only part left and he's been saving for... someone who'll own his heart.

“I’ve been locked in my own world for a really long time,” he says. “I have an excuse to keep people away, because of my disability. And then I saw your tattoo.” I turn his wrist over and trace my finger across it. He shudders at my touch, closing his eyes tightly. “And I felt like maybe, just maybe, we were each locked in our own little worlds and we could let each other out.”

   Kit was playing her guitar at the subway with no place to stay  and enough money to buy herself a meal...then her knight in shinning armor SILENTLY appear ... and literally swept her off her feet and carry her quite forcefully to his home?! Boy! did she screamed and protest but to no avail.. he can't hear her, right???

  Emily never expected that the moment she set foot inside Logan's home that she'll be part of their lives. There she met Logan's wonderful brothers. And there's five of them! Yes, five really good looking guys! I really love  how close they were, looking for each other. And the constant male banters are so entertaining that I envy Emily being there with them.

    No matter how Emily tried to leave and stay away from Logan, she can't. There's something about him that she makes her want more... but couldn't give him more  And same thing with Logan, he wants  more ...and he might be falling for someone who couldn't even tell him her real name?  What was she hiding? Who or what was she running away from? 

    I love how the author wrote the characters. The characters are well developed.  All of them likable  and adorable in their own ways specially the Reed brothers!  

   The swoony-ness of this book is off the charts! I love , love it!  Their first kiss was... Hot .. Hot! The way Ms. Tammy Falkner described it.. Making love to her mouth?! I never heard about that term before?  I found myself melting as a read .. and imagined it! I want those kisses too ! 
     For being the  guy who would rather sleep around, Logan's change  of heart surprised me  when he choose not to take advantage of  Kit's uhmm,  "open invitation"?! Oh, yeah, she is quite vocal how she  "desired" Logan! But then, who wouldn't? He is delicious!! Whooops! *covers  mouth?!*  So,  Kit's not getting "any" from Logan unless she tells him her real name?!  Come on, Kit ! Tell him , " I'm Emily.. and I am yours! " Whoa! And it means so much to Logan. I think it means  she trust him completely.  But can she trust him? Can she tell Logan her secrets? 

     Of course, Logan wants to know everything about this girl who caught his heart. But he never force it from her. Instead, slowly , bit by bit as they get closer.. Emily revealed a little part of her. ( and be rewarded by the hottest moves from Logan?!  And those moves doesn't involve going on the third base?! Yes, fellow readers ... Those were only foreplays! And believe me, it was way ..way steamy!!! LOOOOOOOGAN!!!  Hear me RAWR!!!   My.. oh my! *fanning myself* 

    I loved how the story turned out at the end. What Emily did was beyond brave and totally selfless. I really admire her! And all because of Logan! 

    The ending is a little cliffy but  in a good way. It left me something to look forward to and a reason to go and grab the next book! 
“She tilts her head to the side and looks right at me. She raises her hand into the sign for I love you and I see the tattoo that takes up her forearm. It’s a key, and written down the center of the key shaft are the letters of my name”

                    I'm giving this book:
          4 swoony keys to my heart!


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