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My Review: Heaven Knows This Time by Claire Louis Coult

Heaven Knows This Time
From Goodreads:

When the shy and quiet, 15 year old Angela Blackman is sent to the head teacher's office she doesn't expect to find love in the form of the 17 year old eccentric millionaire, Simon Wetherall. Upon discovering a shared love for the post punk band Joy Division, Simon sweeps Angela off her feet and they embark on a rather unusual affair, but the course of true love runs anything but smoothly. Angela discovers a whole new circle of friends within the alternative music scene but she finds herself having to grow up fast to deal with trials and tragedies that fate brings her.

 ***E-copy was provided by the author for an honest review***

                             My Thoughts:

   Okay. Okay. Let me catch my breath first before starting this review. *deep breath ...counting one..two..three...( because seriously, the coming events will leave you short of breath! ) 

    Whirlwind romance? Or if there's anything faster that that...then this is what I'm talking about! I was shaking my head furiously as a read this book. Just imagine. 15 year old Angel meeting a boy outside her teacher's office ... met a boy named Simon... kissed Simon ( okay, more like Simon kissed her!)...get swept off her feet?! After a few days, they're in a relationship?! ....and in less than a week, Simon gave her "the Pill" a.k.a contraceptive?! I was like, whoa! Wait ...wait..wait?! What's happening here?!! Yes! That was so fast..and so unreal? Angel says Simon is just eccentric?! Not to mention he is handsome , filthy rich...and 17?! It actually creep me out! 

“Was he wonderfully eccentric or criminally insane? Whichever he was, I was completely enthralled by him. His posh accent turned my knees to jelly and his blue eyes were piercing like they could see right through to my very soul.”

    Her once boring, ordinary life becomes more exciting with Simon. He was spontaneous and made her feel confident all of a sudden. He takes her to places she has never been. With Simon , she is like living a dream! She even colored her hair purple! Yes purple!! It was insane-crazy-kind of love!   ...purple hair..hmmm. ( kinda cute!) so... What's next? Their names tattooed on their bodies?! ....surprise..surprise?!  They did that too!

    Sure. Sure. Young love. Intense love. But theirs?! Way..way intense! And that did not stop there. Here's the bigger news: Simon ask her to marry him! And Angel said Yes! Oh. My. God. My brain is about to explode! She just turned 16! I mean, what century are we talking about?! It's not even legal ! But apparently, it's legal in Gretna Green?!  And I actually googled Gretna Green! Haha!  Okay. Gretna Green is the place where people ran away to get married!  Hmmm.. But still they are too young!!! 

     So they got married. And I can't believe Angel's parents took it that easily?!  And gave them their blessings. So I guess, they are lucky. But being married to Simon is not a bed of roses. Angel discovered something about Simon that will change her life forever... and force her to grow up fast. 

    The story is unrealistic to me at first. Like why are are they such in a hurry? They are so young! But then when I  learned about Simon's condition.. time will never be on their side. There's never be enough time they have to live and cherish every moment together. It must be hard on Angela to be thrown to a situation she was clearly unprepared. I admire her for being all supportive and understanding for Simon. I guess, she wants to proved that love is more than enough? 

      The whole book depicts the ups and downs of Simon and Angel's relationship. But I admire how strong their bond and commitment to each other..which I think is so unlikely to happen to a 16 and 18 year olds. And it's too good to be true. 

       The ending...I don't know what to say. If I like it or not. I was a little shaken up. I mean, it looks like Simon was a strong control of everything? But when he did that? I am truly surprised. I was like, just like that, you gave up, Simon??? *shakes my head  I'm quite prepared for a quite Romeo-Juliet kind of ending.. yes, with an intense love like theirs! But what happened? Why??? I was dumbstruck. 

       Even though, that happened..I can still say that Simon still thought about everything. And maybe, he knew that it will happen eventually. It's just a matter of how and when it ends. And Angel's life and dreams must go on. 

      Overall, the story was good  and Ms. Coult did a wonderful job of depicting an intense  series of emotions which I clearly felt. 

                    I'm giving this book:

                 3 intense young love stars!

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