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My Review : Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

Dirty Angels (Dirty Angels, #1)
From Goodreads:
For Luisa Chavez, a twenty-three year old former beauty queen, a better life has always been just out of her reach. Sure, she’s had men at her feet since she was a young teenager but she’s never had the one thing she’s craved – security. Having grown up in near poverty, her waitressing job in Cabo San Lucas can barely let her take care of herself, let alone her ailing parents. Every day is another unwanted advance, every day is a struggle to survive.

When Salvador Reyes, the depraved leader of a major Mexican cartel, takes an interest in her, Luisa is presented with an opportunity she can’t afford to pass up. She’ll become Salvador’s wife and exchange her freedom and body for a life of riches – riches she can bestow upon her deserving parents. But Luisa quickly finds out that even the finest wines and jewels can’t undo the ugliness in her marriage, nor the never-ending violence that threatens her every move.

Soon, Luisa is looking for an escape, a way out of the carefully controlled life she’s leading. She finally gets her wish in the worst way possible.

As it is, being the wife of Salvador makes her an ideal target for rival cartels and there’s one particular man who needs Luisa as part of his cartel’s expansion. One particular man whose quest for power has destroyed lives, slit throats and gotten him out of an American prison. One particular man who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

That man is Javier Bernal. And he wants Luisa. He wants to take her, keep her, ruin her.

Unless she ruins him first.

                  My Thoughts:

This book...this book... was just afhgjtlyigmgfdj ! ( Direct translation : BEYOND AMAZING! ) My first book from Ms. Karina Halle ...and I  eff-fing  loved it! ( Direct translation : I FREAKING LOVED IT! ---yes! No cussing ..for now?! haha! )

"INTENSE" /in'tens/  adj.  meaning:  of extreme force , degree or strength.

Intense...?? Not even close enough to describe how I felt the entire time while reading this book! It pulled every emotion within me. I was on the edge... on the edge of something I could not control! And what that makes me? I am left at the mercy of Ms. Karina Halle's written words!

For the love of her parents , Luisa Chavez will do anything to alleviate their life even if handling herself to the devil. That devil has a name, Salvador Reyes.  Luisa's life became a living hell  when she married this Mexico's infamous drug lord. She was abused in every way possible... she was more of captive than a wife.  Her attempt to escape lead her to...  Javier Bernal ,her  new captor and Salvador's sworn enemy. Now taken as hostage, Luisa's life depended on the man who  has the power to  both destroy and save her.

I love Luisa's character. She may be look fragile and hopeless but deep inside she's a fighter. To endure those torture was beyond comparable! I can't even imagine being on that situation. She fought  and boy! she fought hard! But did she break? No she did not... Not until, he got to know the "real" Javier Bernal.

Javier Bernal was total badass. If someone can create fear... and threat and really mean it, he's the guy. Torture is his plaything  and that makes him dangerous...very dangerous. He may be the villain here  , but surprise, surprise?! I WANT JAVIER BERNAL! Yes, you read it right, I think I got Javier under my skin! Just like Luisa, after Javier branded her with his name..each letter painfully carved on her skin...daily?! ...  Luisa became his. I know it sounds ...grotesque ? Kinda sick  but ... I dunno, but I'm looking forward  for it?! Strange. And what's more strange? I find those moments ..disturbingly SEXY! That's how awesome, Ms. Halle's writing!   She can make! Or was I fully describing Javier Bernal?! Oh ..Javier.. Javier..Javier...that things he is oh-so capable of doing! I was like this :

" My blood. I remembered the shivery sensation of his lips as they kissed my wounded back, both soothe and revved up by the strange feeling. Now he was standing  before me, I could't help but fell my skin thrum like an electric fence. "

"...In seconds, he was kissing it, soothing it with his lips and tongue, absorbing the blood . He was so unbelievably tender, even after such an act of cruelty. "

Me : Oh. My.Sweet... mother of torture!!!

Here's for you Javier Bernal : You can carve every . single. freaking. letter of your name. .. on my body!!!

...And that was the beginning of my INTENSE fangirling! I REALLY would want to elaborate, ladies...but for the sake of a spoiler free review...I advise you to GO find out yourself. I think Ms. Halle  was serious when wrote this warning :

**warning: this book contains situations which might be triggers for some people. Please see the bottom of this description to see if this is the kind of book that you'll love or piss you off**

As for me? I ABSOLUTELY loved it! Reading this book is like watching an adrenaline pumping, heart stopping Mafia movie. Guns, goons, torture and endless you-wanna-hold-on-to you-dear-life movie moments ...all of that excellently written inside a single book... INSIDE  Karina Halle's book!

The ending was ..afhgjthdmsdhd! ( Yes! Speechless again! ) I bit my lips , my nails ..and everything I could get my hands on! It was like waiting for something....something that you know is going to end up badly. I was on the verge of breaking... and screaming... Noooooooooo! And then....Oh my freaking????! .....SPOILER removed! That was one great ending!  ...Read it! Read it NOW!

           I'm giving this book :
          5 Beautiful...Dirty stars! 

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