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My review: Arsen by Mia Asher

From Goodreads:
I'm a cheater.
I'm a liar.
My whole life is a mess.

I love a man.
No, I love two men…
I think.

One makes love to me. The other sets me on fire.
One is my rock. The other is my kryptonite.

I'm broken, lost, and disgusted with myself.

But I can't stop. This is my story.
My broken love story.

                      My Thoughts:

    Infidelity , unfaithfulness... those were just  few words that make most of us frown,  pre-judge it as something very wrong.. and oftentimes , a taboo. We are aware that it's  breaking relationships, wrecking homes and most of all destroying LOVE and TRUST.  But how do we usually deal with it? By pretending it's not happening?
    When it happened to someone I knew, I begun to question myself. Was love never be enough? Why give in to the temptation ? Was it really worth it? And most of all , why betray the person who truly loves you?
    As I choose to read this book, I was thinking ( and hoping ) that maybe my questions will be answered. So, here I am  about to discover how Cathy Stanwood finally decided to wear the scarlet letter "A".

   This book was mostly written under her Point of View. As I get to know Cathy, I can say that she is one lucky woman! She was married to the most wonderful, understanding, supportive husband named Ben who would do anything, everything to make her happy! It was clearly established even at the beginning how both of them are crazy, deeply, madly in love with each other! I loved it when Ms. Mia Asher showed me a glimpse of Cathy's past specially how she met Ben. Running into the pouring rain and literally smacking into this guy with the warmest chocolate brown eyes?! Next thing happened: their eyes locked and with all the unexplained force of nature , they kissed! You may think  , it's so cliche, right? But it works for me! Because, I'm a sucker for  kissing under the rain!!!!   *sigh and swoons simultaneously*

     It's unbelievable, I know  right? But for me, uber romantic! *dreamy sigh*  It was so clear that these two are "meant to be". A connection was instantly made. It was love at first sight.

  I also noticed Cathy's insecurities like being plain ? Like she can't believe how come the gorgeous , almost perfect Ben fall for her?! Well, Cathy  go figure that later...when another guy will come into the picture with same reason!  ( and I can't believe it either! *rolls eyes*)

   So, it's only a matter of time when Ben  proposed ( as expected! ) and of course Cathy said YES! Next: these two lovebirds got married ...and expects a happily ever after? Not quite. After 3 miscarriages, Cathy begun to question her "inadequacy" as a woman? And instead of opening this up with her husband..she kept this to herself. How could you not, Cathy?

   Then enter Arsen. Just the mere name, I already mistook as Arson which ( per legal dictionary) means the malicious burning or exploding  another's property?! So fitting huh?  Arsen's hot, intense, piercing blue eyes and fuck-prize ( uh! please excuse the word!) body  burned Cathy's desire! Ugh. Let me remind you again, dear Cathy... you are soooo married! Totally unavailable. Okaaaaay.... That was clearly established then. Still,  I can't help but to look at Arsen once again....Ahhhhh! Just look at him! Arsen could literally burn your panties down in just one glance! SIN was written all over that face!!
“It’s funny that his name reminded me of fire because he certainly looked like someone who could burn you to the ground. With just one look, he made me feel as if my body was burning scarlet”

“His nearness is crowding me. The insignificant contact of our bodies makes me want to fidget in  my seat, and his words make me want to get up and flee away from him and what they just made me feel.

“So many warring thoughts are running through my head; fear, dislike, shock, but the voice that is the loudest is lust.”

      See? There's definitely something going on there!  And I don't like it. 

         Cathy tried to fight it... and told herself to be just Arsen's friend. Seriously, Cathy?!!! Keep on telling that yourself.  How can you be friends with someone who flirts with you every chance he got?! And let's you watch him screw another woman?!  Have you gone mad ?? And you want to be friends with this devil?? Arrrrghhhh! *pulls my hair out*

       As Cathy feared, she had another miscarriage and she went on the edge. She cannot take it to the point of being depressed. Ben was there holding her .. he is there for her. But what did Cathy do? She pushed him away! I EFF-FING can't believe she open up herself ( literally & figuratively speaking! ) to Arsen but not to her husband?! UNBELIEVABLE!  *hands up in surrender!* 

    Cathy's vulnerability  + Arsen's  power of persuasion?! ( along with his sinfully delicious touch and kisses?!)  = drove Cathy to finally cheat on her husband!  I started to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!  and ALMOST threw my book reader away! ...but wait, my eyes and hand are still glued to  this evil device! I just can't put it down! Ms . Mila Asher.... *groans* you are sooooo good!!! 

     The rest of the book, I was drowned with heavy emotions,  mostly hatred for Cathy . Boy!  she even tried to justify it with the lamest excuses , but my mind was already closed. No matter how I look at it, in all angles, what she did was beyond wrong. She was selfish when she made that choice. My  heart swelled for Ben, poor , poor Ben.. I can't believe  that he loved Cathy that much? And the more I hated Cathy. Oh, I  hope karma will  knock off your face, Cathy. You don't deserve Ben!
      My silent plea was finally heard when the much awaited KARMA strikes back! And the recipient? No other than Cathy. Oh karma is a bitch , you deserve it! Now, you want to come running back to Ben? I don't think so. Nuh-uh?! 

       I should be smiling with glee right now, but surprise.. surprise , I felt a pang of pity for Cathy. She was trying so hard to make amends to the mistakes she made. Now, that this unexpected surprise happened to her. She tried her best to moved on, though it's so hard when she closes her eyes each night, it was Ben's kind, sweet chocolate eyes she sees. Was it too late?  All the hatred I felt for Cathy vanished and was replaced with admiration? I even felt my tears fell for her... and silently hope that it's not too late...

       I love the ending. It was  brilliant. With sweaty palms and beating heart, I was there with Cathy in the pouring rain, just like when she and Ben first met...Hoping.  Then it happened.  A moment that promised a beautiful beginning. Tears rolled over my face, I hugged my book reader.. and smiled.

        “I didn't realize how important Ben was to me until he was gone. Arsen became the air I needed to breathe, but Ben was my lungs. What good would air be if I didn't have lungs to begin with?”

                            My Playlist:

"Wrecking ball" by Miley Cyrus

"Unfaithful" by Rihanna

                             I'm giving this book:

     5 will-drown-you- with-a-lot-of-emotions stars! 

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