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My Review : Thirty Seconds to Die by S. G. Holster

Thirty Seconds to Die (Thirty Seconds to Die, #1) ***Thank you S.G. Holster for providing me a copy of this wonderful book! ****

                                  My Thoughts:

    "The Inuit people believe that the (Northern ) lights are the souls on their way to a second life. Part of the myth is that the soul only has thirty seconds to die. If there's a  force strong enough, like enduring love, the soul will be drawn back to earth. Do you believe that could be true? ..."

    I never heard about this myth until now..Thinking about the wonderful Aurora or the Northern lights , about souls finding each other...I think it's quite  romantic but giving me a little " goosebump-py" feeling. What if there's really somebody out there .. our soul mate desperately looking for us? But we don't even have a clue?

    " If you reach up to the lights, some people - will see their soul mate, a lost love from a previous life-the one they are destined for, the one they come back for. Their souls will touch for the second time and they'll find each other in this life.. "

      This was the first book I got without a blurb.  Looking at the cover and an interesting title "Thirty seconds to die" made me more intrigue than ever! As I browse through the pages , I was captivated! The idea of soul mates, reincarnation really fascinated me. Moreover , the main characters  Lexi and Ren are old souls that are bound for each other!

     The story started with Lexi having frequent dreams about this boy  whose name is John. In this  dream, she was  Charlotte and  it always end up bad... leaving Lexi terrified and had caused sleepless nights.

 Then,  she  met Ren. Ren reminds her of John. And the moment their eyes locked.. she felt the intense , magnetic pull that made her heart all aflutter!  Yes, Lexi was drawn to him! And so was Ren to her! Sounds like a cliche boy meets girl kind of story? Not at all. This was just the beginning!

    As Lexi begun picking up the puzzles from her dream that was more like a vision of her past. The more she is falling intensely in love with the boy who used to haunt her dreams and now in front of her! There is something special and magical between them. But it looks like having the love they've been waiting for ( or at least for Ren! ) won't be that easy! Some evil forces are after them! A group of Sentori is bound to hunt and kill them!  Now, the real action and suspense starts! This got all my attention.. like I'm scared for them, specially for Lexi who is all confused how her almost normal life turned out to be a life threatening chase?! And like Lexi, I had all the questions on my mind! The Sentori are after them?Why? And what do they want? And one of the Sentori, Brett is really "crushing" on Lexi big time! ( Like I like you but I have to kill you?! Ugh! ) All of this, makes Lexi more confused than ever! And me like.... OKAAAAAAY??? but still don't get it??

    Halfway and almost most part of the book became an long, tiring.. almost endless running and chasing! I actually found myself  getting jet lag?!  It's like watching the "Amazing Race" ( traveling to London, France, Switzerland Alaska?!) But only this time  their lives are at stake and danger is looming from anywhere and anytime. Ren can't take any chances to the extent of hiring tight security and everything in his power protect Lexi. It makes me wonder how important Lexi is?

   As Lexi begun picking up bits and bits of the puzzles.. and her visions are becoming clearer.The more overwhelmed she became. This isn't just about the unrequited love she and Ren shared in the past. This is something more.. and something big! She is the chosen one! The only one that could protect the souls.The only one who holds the key to the passage way. Now this became the battle of good and Evil... and Lexi is in a middle of a  crossfire! And she discovered something...the lies and the truth.. now she doubted Ren and even herself. Could she trust him? Can she bear losing  him? I love the way S.G. Holster maintains the suspense till the end!

    The ending is heart breaking ! How can Lexi do that? I know her intentions are pure...but why??? This is too much to handle! I can hear my heart's irregularly beating! All I want is a happy ending?! But S.G.Holster is making it difficult for me.... Nooooooooo!!!!!  I am really rooting for Ren... I love you, Ren!! (You  and  your lovely brown eyes!!! ) I'm still hoping that there's still something in store for  them on the sequel. But until then, I'm going to nurse my bruised , broken heart...

    The songs that's been playing on my mind while reading this :

      "Always" by Switchfoot

"Your Guardian Angel" by  The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

              And I gave it :
              4 heart breaking fallen stars




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