Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Review: Misbehaving by Abbi Glines

Misbehaving (Sea Breeze, #6)        
From Goodreads:  
 Jason is sick of living in his rock star brother’s shadow. So when he ships off to Sea Breeze, Alabama, he’s looking for a much deserved escape and a chance to blow off some envious steam. Falling for the local bad girl was definitely not the plan. But as the new duo enjoys some naughty fun in the Alabama sun, Jason learns that even though Jax is the musician in the family, he’s not the only brother who can rock someone’s world.
                  My Thoughts:

     Dippity dap...flippity flop..giddyyee yap! That's the sound of my beating  heart whenever I start reading an Abbi Glines book. I don't need to  say it loud that I love her work....but I REALLY REALLY LOVE ALL OF IT!!  There  was really something special about the Sea breeze series  that I found very, very addictive and it was the longest ongoing series I've read!  Every book, every story is unique and all the characters will grow with you all at the same time. 

   Most  of Ms. Glines 's books were about bad boy-good girl, so when she made this the other way around, I was a bit nervous if she can pull this through?  Surprise! Surprise! I'd say she did it again! 

   Jason and Jess are from different worlds. While Jason was pampered and raised on a silver spoon, Jess on other hand ,being a strippers's daughter  knows the reality of life in the hard way. When their worlds collied ( well, thanks to the lowly baseball bat for that! ) , the growing attraction can't be denied! I was smiling the entire time, imagining the bad ass bat bashing Jess, and the too good to be true , prim and proper?! (Hehe!) Jason together?! Yes! You can expect Jess to be "teaching" Jason to "loosen" up?!  Ahhhhh! I love the skinny dipping!  Can a good boy really handle a stripping Jess in front of him?! Hell, NO! ...and it's SKINNY DIPPING!! 

“You wanted to skinny-dip,” I told him as I slipped my fingers into the sides of my panties and shimmied them down. Jason stood immobile, watching me.
“I didn’t mean naked,” he said in a low whisper.
I smiled at him and stepped out of my panties. “Oops,” I replied.”

     Will you expect clothes?! Nah. Haha!  Oh, the look on Jason's face?! Priceless! What he did next?! Yummy-ness! Ooops ! Dayaaaaam! This good boy got his moves too!  It was pretty good. ....uhmm, are you kidding me?!  It was amazing! Jason and gentle ...and the right roughness perfectly mixed! Wait. Now I am confused! Teehee!

      When Jason took her to New York ( in a private plane! I know, I know fairy tale!) as his date, enjoying the city...with a little shopping?! ( the boots!)  ....gave me the "Pretty Woman" vibe.  Yes! I love that movie! Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were perfect for each ...just as  Jason was perfect for Jess! But then, insecurity always spoils everything?! Will Jess fit in to his world? Or as Jess thinks so? I loved Jess but that part of her? Not so much. But hey! Jason did not gave her the assurance either?! He did not even said he LOVE her?  Unbelievable !   So, is she the summer fling? 

“You’re a nice change. You make life interesting. I came here to take a break from things, and you’re helping me. When it’s time for me to return to the pressures of reality, I’ll have these moments with you to think of and smile”

     She was aware of  that but ....she's not expecting that she wanted more. And Jason? clueless..clueless boy! Tsk. Tsk. I was  on my toes the whole time! Will they make it or break it? As more complications .... Oh! There's also Krit every now and then! ( Loved Krit and so looking forward for his own story ! )  and  ...well bad decisions  come their way... I was afraid that they will make the wrong choice. 

    The ending turned out really well. It was something I would want them to have. I was more than happy with how Ms. Glines wrote it.  Overall, I just love loved this book. I know I am a little bit biased? Well, you can't blame me because if it's from Ms. Abbi Glines , it must be pretty good! And you have my word. Wonderful character : check! Swoony lines : check!  Hot kisses: check! Check !  So, you better check this one out and find out what I'm talking about! 

    I'm giving this book:
4 gimme some Jason Stone stars right now!

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